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We have been in the industry of general construction services for fifteen years, providing our professional services to residential and commercial markets. Besides, we cover the whole of Riverview, FL, plus surrounding areas.

G&S General Contractor, LLC is an eco-friendly, licensed, and insured company. Furthermore we can take on any work, regardless of the size and difficulties. We are focused, and dedicated. We tenaciously always achieve total client satisfaction.As a small token of gratitude, we offer generous discounts to veterans and retirees.

Do you need true professional Construction And Remodeling services? G&S General Contractor, LLC!

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General Construction

Building on our own property is a dream come true for many people. However, it can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the right people to take care of it. That’s where our new construction services come in handy, we provide everything you need to build your dream home or office, from designing and planning the actual construction and everything in between.

Contact Us Today! Share your ideas with us so we can make a layout based on your current design and budget.


Different formulas, tools, and techniques are used when painting either the interior or exterior of your property. Our team of skilled experts is dedicated to providing the highest quality service guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Call now! we’ll be with you from start to finish, transforming your property into the space of your dreams.


Remodeling services have been significantly popular among owners who want to enhance the appearance and value of their homes. Whether it’s a kitchen and bathroom remodel or a basement renovation, with our remodeling services we can help transform any room in your property.

Bathroom Remodeling

We spend a good amount of time showering, getting ready in the morning, and even scrolling down our phones while on the toilet.

Bathrooms are a key component of the overall comforts a house provides; remodeling them is probably the number one most common home improvement project and one of the most complex too because we must deal with many fixtures.

Kitchen Remodeling

It’s where you prepare meals, share stories with family and friends, and create unforgettable memories. Over time, your kitchen may start to look outdated or become inconvenient to use. This is where our kitchen remodeling services come in.

Talk to our experts. We are committed to a strong work ethic and our passion for keeping up with the latest innovations in our industry.

Painting Experts

Imagine that your walls are finished; all you need now is painting services to start doing the decoration. Talk to one of our experts for any of your improvement projects, we can do it all!

Residential and commercial painting

Whether you are painting your new home, or business or just for maintenance purposes. At G&S General Contractor, we offer different solutions through personalized assistance and customized prices.

Make an appointment! You can always call (813) 433-1723, fill out the form on our site, or email us at The quality of our results is measured by the satisfaction of our valuable clients.

We appreciate what you’ve done for our country, remember to ask for the additional discount for Veterans and the military.

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